Featured 6.2L/6.5L GM Diesel Service & Repair Tech

Used glow plugs from 6.5L diesel

6.2L and 6.5L GM Diesel Glow Plug Replacement Procedures

Step-by-step guide to replacing the glow plugs on a 6.2L or 6.5L GM diesel. Covers both naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines, which feature the same glow plug system.


6.5L GM Diesel Coolant Flush and Complete Cooling System Service Guide

How to service the cooling system on a 6.5L GM diesel, including a coolant flush, radiator hose replacement, and thermostat replacement. Additionally, gain insight into converting from GM's pink engine coolant to a more resilient, maintenance free ELC.

PMD relocation

6.5L GM Turbodiesel PMD (FSD) Relocation Guide

Information regarding PMD/FSD relocation. The location of the Pump Mounted Driver is a serious flaw found on all 6.5L turbodiesels. While there are various relocation options, we outline one of the more popular techniques.

fuel pressure gauge

How to Test the Fuel Pressure on a 6.5L GM Diesel

Step-by-step guide to testing and reading the fuel pressure on a 6.5L diesel. The engineers at General Motors were kind enough to place a dedicated port on the engine where air could be bled from the fuel lines and the fuel pressure could be tested with ease.

GM fuel tank sock

6.5L GM Diesel Fuel Tank Sock (Strainer) Replacement Procedures

How to drop the fuel tank and replace the in-tank sending unit filter, also referred to as the fuel tank sock or strainer. The fuel tank sock is one of 3 filters found on the 6.5L diesel and can cause a low/no fuel pressure condition should be become clogged.

NV4500 transmission with PTO removed

NV4500 5 Speed Transmission Fluid Change Instructions

How to service the New Venture NV4500 5 speed manual transmission, including important information about this transmission's strict fluid specification(s).

Dana 80 rear differential with cover removed

Dana 80 Rear Differential Fluid Change Procedures

How to service the Dana 80 rear differential. The Dana 80 is a heavy duty, high capacity, full floating rear differential found on select trucks equipped with the 6.5L GM diesel in addition to many applications by other automakers.

C3500HD king pin

Chevrolet/GMC C3500HD King Pin Axle Rebuild Guide (Bushing and Kingpin Replacement)

How to disassembly and rebuild the king pin front axle on C3500HD model trucks. The king pin rebuild includes new bushings, bearings, and all new hardware.