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Ram Trucks

Chrysler Drops the Dodge from Dodge Ram







The Ram Truck Division was introduced in 2010 and replaced the former Dodge Ram name. Our Ram trucks still Dodges? Of course; Ram trucks remain Dodges, Chrysler does not wish to lose the reputation that the Dodge brand has built. The rebranding of the Dodge Ram name is a decision Chrysler made in an effort to better identify themselves with truck buyers. Chrysler hopes the change will allow them to capture the interest of "real" truck buyers, not just casual truck owners. Additionally, the new image is aimed at a younger, "hip, cool, energetic" crowd of truck buyers. Ram trucks feature the same iconic Ram logo that the Dodge Ram did. With the change comes a line of new marketing campaigns that Chrysler hopes will help them shift their image and ultimately attract new customers. While "Dodge Ram" and "Ram Trucks" remain interchangeable names, Chrysler's line of pickups are now technically just Ram Trucks. Ram trucks are still sold at Dodge dealerships.



News article last updated September 2013.