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Exhaust Brakes

Add Safety and Braking Compability




An exhaust brake has the ability to create and control exhaust backpressure and use the pressure to work against the engine, causing it slow down. Exhaust brakes have the capability to control the heaviest of loads coming down a hill and decrease the stopping distance of weighted down rigs. Additionally, using an exhaust brake will extend the life of your truck/trailer brakes because you will be using them less. An exhaust brake is highly recommended if you tow with frequently, or you're looking for added safety on those summer vacations.


How Exhaust Brakes Work

Exhaust brakes help a truck slow down by restricting exhaust flow. Exhaust brakes are generally installed directly behind the turbocharger, but can be installed virtually anywhere on the exhaust system. An exhaust brake consists of a butterfly valve inside of a turbular housing. A solenoid or mechanical attachment opens/closes the exhaust brake as necessary. In the open position, exhaust flows at normal rates. In the closed position, exhaust backpressure is created. The backpressure works against the pistons as the engine pumps air out of the cylinder, slowing down the engine and truck. Some exhaust brakes are completely mechanical, while others communicate with your engine's PCM (computer) to provide precision braking. Exhaust brakes are great for controlling speeds when towing downhill or bringing heavy loads to a halt using your trucks brakes less. Using the exhaust brake will also save your truck and trailer brakes.

Exhaust Brake Pros & Cons



• Controls speed when hauling/towing downhill.
• Reduces brake wear and reduces risk of overheating brakes when towing.
• Decreases distance in which your truck and trailer can be stopped.

• Presents a small restriction in the exhaust system - negligible for most trucks that would use one.


Possible Problems & Estimated Gains:

Exhaust leaks before the mounting point of the exhaust brake should be repaired to ensure maximum efficiency. A marginal sacrifice in performance may accompany the install, but it's negligible unless you're looking for total performance. The trade-off is well worth it if you use your truck for its intended purpose.


Applications & Additional Info:

Power Stroke, Cummins, & Duramax, and virtually any diesel engine. There are many units on the market which use different methods to control the exhaust brake. Shop around and find the unit that best fits your needs and budget. If you tow frequently, an exhaust brake is well worth the investment. 6.7L Power Stroke, 6.7L Cummins, and 6.6L Duramax LML powered trucks come with factory exhaust brakes.