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6R140 TorqShift Transmission

TorqShift 6R140 Transmission Specs & Gear Ratio






The 6R140 was Ford's new "clean sheet" transmission design that replaced the 5R110 in Ford's TorqShift family of transmissions. If the 5R110 was impressive, then the 6R140 is a modern engineering marvel. Made in the USA, the new TorqShift is loaded with heavy duty features, including a high capacity filtration system, Live Drive Power Take Off, low speed torque converter lockup, double overdrive, and rigid 1 piece case. Using the SelectShift manual shift mode, users can place the truck into "M" and manually shift the transmission through all 6 gears via + & - buttons mounted on the shift lever, particularly useful in poor weather & high load driving scenarios. With the low speed TC lockup, the driver will be able to lug the new 6.7L Power Stroke down to 900 rpm. While only time will tell if the 6R140 lives up to the hype over its strength & longevity, Ford engineers are as confident as ever that this TorqShift defines the term heavy duty transmission.


6R140 TorqShift Ratios










3.97 : 1

2.32 : 1

1.52 : 1

1.15 : 1

0.86 : 1

0.67 : 1

3.13 : 1


6R140 TorqShift Specs


Ford 6R140 TorqShift 6 speed Automatic Transmission


Ford Motor Company

Production Run:

2010 - Present (6.7L Power Stroke)


• Manual shift mode.
• Low speed torque converter lockup.
• High capacity filtration system allows fluid change intervals of 150,000 miles.
• Electronically controlled.
• Optional Live PTO allows mobile or stationary PTO operation.
• Two overdrive gears to maximize fuel economy.
• 1 piece case design for maximum strength & noise supression.
• Sinter brazed Ravigneaux planetary gearset.
• Approx. 350 lbs w/ fluid, 325 lbs w/o fluid.