6.9L, 7.3L IDI Diesel Throttle/Accelerator Cable Replacement

1983 - 1994 Ford IDI Diesel Accelerator Cable Replacement Procedures

Applicable Models:

1983 - 1994 Ford F-250, F-350, F-450, F-Super Duty

Applicable Engine(s):

International 6.9L IDI V-8 diesel, International 7.3L IDI V-8 diesel, turbocharged & naturally aspirated variants

Accelerator pedal cables have a tendency to stretch overtime, creating excessive slack that may limit the throw at the injection pump. If the injection pump lever does not reach its maximum position with the accelerator pedal fully depressed, this is likely the case. Note that the following procedures are based on a naturally aspirated engine, however the concept is identical for turbocharged engines.

6.9L & 7.3L IDI Diesel Accelerator/Throttle Cable Part Numbers (1983 - 1994)

Part Description

Part Number(s)


OEM Ford accelerator cable

Naturally aspirated engines



Factory turbocharged engines


Balkamp accelerator cable (NAPA)

BK 6101439


ATP accelerator cable



Pioneer accelerator cable


[1] Accelerator cable for turbocharged engines is longer that that for naturally aspirated engines. Factory Ford accelerator cables offer the best fitment and reliability.
[2] 42.2 inches long, works with naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines.
[3] 42.5 inches long, works with naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines.

We highly recommend the OEM replacement cables from Ford. The ATP and Pioneer products will work, but are not a perfect fit. NAPA's Balkamp throttle cable has a similar fit and finish to the ATP/Pioneer option. While these are readily available and relatively inexpensive replacements, their fitment is poor at the accelerator pedal as if the cable is too long. This is often remedied by using a series of zip ties around the cable end to remove the slack. Additionally, we've found that these cables do not last long and break easily, especially if you have a heavy foot.

How to Replace the Accelerator Cable on a 6.9L & 7.3L IDI Diesel

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Broken throttle cable

• Disconnect the throttle cable from the accelerator pedal by pushing the pedal linkage towards the firewall to slack the cable, then remove the grommet and cable from the eye in the accelerator pedal link.

Air cleaner removed

• Remove the air cleaner assembly and place a shop towel/rag over the intake manifold opening.

Removing throttle/accelerator cable from injection pump link

• Using a flatbed screwdriver, pry the eye of the accelerator cable from the ball stud on the injection pump link.

Disconnecting throttle/accelerator cable at intake manifold

• Following the throttle cable from the injection pump, locate the metal intake manifold bracket which the cable is mounted to.

Throttle cable clip disconnected

• Remove the plastic retaining clip from the bracket by releasing the (2) fingers at the rear of the clip, then prying upwards.

Removing accelerator cable through firewall

• Disconnect the throttle cable from the firewall by removing the (2) bolts with an 8 mm socket. Pull the cable through the firewall and discard.

Installing new accelerator cable at the pedal

• Insert the replacement cable through the firewall and attach to the accelerator pedal. Ensure that the grommet is properly seated into the accelerator pedal eye.

• Attach the throttle cable at the firewall; tighten bolts snug.

New throttle/accelerator cable installed at injection pump

• Attach the throttle cable at the intake manifold bracket, ensuring that the plastic clip is fully seated.

• Attach the throttle cable to the injection pump link ball stud. Verify proper operation of the accelerator pedal before reinstalling the air cleaner and road testing. It is important that the throttle cable works smoothly, does not bind, and that it actuates the injection pump properly when depressed and released.