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HEUI injector

How HEUI Injectors Work

An in-depth analysis of the inner workings of the HEUI injection system, which can be found on 6.0L and 7.3L Power Stroke diesel engines. Learn how the HEUI system uses pressurized engine oil to create injection pressures far greater than a typical mechanical injector pump setup.

Common rail injection system

How Common Rail Injection Works

Learn how the modern common rail injection system works, why its injection pressures are far greater, and its injection control far superior to alternative injection systems.

Piezo electric injector

Piezo Electric Injectors Explained

A look inside of a a Piezo injector and why it offers modern common rail injection systems the opportunity to realize multiple injection events per combustion cycle.

Supercharged diesel engine

Supercharged Diesels?

Can you supercharge your diesel? In fact, you can. Supercharger kits for common diesel engines play on supercharging's inherent advantage in an effort to suppress the primary downfall of turbocharging alone, lag.

Biodiesel fuel pump

Biodiesel Basics

How biodiesel is made and whether or not biodiesel is right for you. Learn about blending biodiesel with conventional petroleum based diesel fuel in addition to possible problems associated with biodiesel's lower energy content and lubricity characteristics.

Ford diesel burnout
Horsepower vs Torque - Understanding Your Engine's Ratings

For far too long the differences between horsepower and torque have been debated when in fact the relationship between the two of more importance. Learn about horsepower and torque, how they differ, and how they relate to your engine's performance characteristics.

ULSD sticker
Common Diesel Fuel Types & Grades

Descriptions and properties of common diesel fuel types and grades, including off-road diesel, #2 diesel, #1 diesel, and winterized diesel fuel blends.

Diesel in winter weather
Warm Up, Cool Down Recommendations for Diesel Owners

Considerations regarding proper warm up and cool down procedures for diesel engines, in addition to our own recommendations.

International IDI diesel
Indirect vs Direct Injection Diesels (IDI vs DI)

Understanding the differences between indirect injection and direct injection diesel engines (IDI and DI).

Peterbilt tractor trailer
Truck Classifications - Light vs Medium vs Heavy Duty, Technically Speaking

Your heavy duty Ram, GM, or Ford pickup is actually in the light duty category as far as your local DMV is concerned. See how trucks of all sizes are classified in the United States.

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