GM 10 Bolt Axle

GM 10 Bolt & Corporate 10 Bolt Axle, Differential Specs

The semi-floating GM 10 bolt front and rear differential has been used in a variety of applications from General Motors various brands. While the rear axle was used quite extensively in passenger cars, our focus is on the pickup version, referred to as the "Corporate 10 bolt". The front axle was introduced in 1977 for 1/2 and 3/4 ton GMC/Chevrolet pickups, while the rear axle's first application was in 1978 two wheel drive C10 pickups.

The General Motors Corporate 10 bolt axle has been used GMC and Chevrolet pickups since 1977. The "Corporate" 10 Bolt is significantly stronger the standard 10 Bolt axle used in cars; the Corporate model has a larger ring gear and pinion shaft diameter. Most people refer to the Corporate 10 Bolt as simply the "10 Bolt", as we will from here on. GM developed their own axle as a replacement for the Dana 44 in both front and rear configurations. It is very common, especially front ends, in GM pickups and thus they are easy to come across. A weak link is the fact that the axles are secured by c clips, which are prone to failure. Fortunately, the aftermarket has responded with C clip eliminator kits, which makes the axle a much more desirable package on the trail. In 1999, the 10 Bolt's ring gear was increased from 8.5" to 8.625"

GM 10 Bolt Specs

Common Applications:

Front: 1977 - 1987 K10/K15/K20/K25, 1979 - present Blazer

Rear: 1982 - present K10/K15, 1978 - present C10/C15

Full/Semi Float:

Semi floating, front and rear

Ring Gear:

8.50" (1977 - 1999), 8.625" (1999 - present)

Axle Spline Count:

28 spline outer, 30 spline inner axle shafts

Axle Tube Diameter:


Pinion Diameter:


Pinion Spline:

30 spline


2.56 - 4.56

Carrier Break:

2.56 | 2.73


10 Bolt Front Axle Housing

10 Bolt Rear Axle Housing

GM 10 bolt front diff pan bolt pattern

GM 10 bolt rear diff pan bolt pattern