Dana 70 Front/Rear Axle

Dana 70 Axle/Differential Specs & Information

The Dana 70 is a heavy duty, full floating axle with a GAWR of up to 10,000 lbs - 3,500 lbs greater than that of the Dana 60. While Dana 70 front axles exist, they are relatively rare and the most common applications are rear differentials, often as a dual rear wheel configuration. Dana offered factory installed limited slip differentials in the Dana 70, marketed as the "Power-Lok" or "Trac-Loc" differential. An even heavier duty version, the Dana 70HD, was built for medium duty trucks and some high GCWR Ford, GM, and Dodge duallies. The 70HD had larger 4.00 inch axle tubes, bigger bearings, and a higher GAWR than the standard 70.

Dana 70 Specs

Years Produced Various Ford, GM, Dodge
Applications 8 lug, Ford, GM, and Dodge pickups.
Full/Semi Float Full floating front/rear differential
GAWR up to 10,000 lbs, ~8,000 lbs on average
Ring Gear 10.50"
Axle Spline Count 23, 32, 35 axle spline count
Axle Diameter 1.50" rear axle shaft diameter, 1.41" front axle shaft diameter
Axle Tube Diameter 3.50" axle tube diameter
Pinion Spline Count 10 or 29 spline count pinion
Pinion Diameter 1.75" pinion shaft diameter
U Joints 1480 front universal joints
Ratios 3.07:1 - 7.17:1
Identification "70" cast into differential housing. Dana 70 diff pan bolt pattern