2016 GMC Canyon, Chevrolet Colorado

Class Exclusive Diesel Option


65% less power, 39% more torque, 13% greater tow capacity, and up to 29% greater fuel efficiency - that's how the 2016 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon stack up against the midsize pickup category's long standing leader, the Toyota Tacoma. The weight difference between the two pickup platforms is relatively small, with the Canyon and Colorado weighing in within a couple hundred pounds of a comparable Tacoma. Weight, however, is not a necessarily a disadvantage to the Colorado and Canyon, as GM's 2.8L Duramax ousts the Tacoma in both city and highway fuel economy by a substantial margin.

With the ability to tow up to 7,700 lbs and achieve up to 31 mpg on the highway, the Colorado and Canyon are more than enough truck for most 1/2 ton pickup owners. With up to an EPA rated 22 mpg in heavy city driving, the Colorado and Canyon's fuel economy is unmatched. In fact, the only other pickup that exhibits such fuel efficiency is Ram's fullsize EcoDiesel equipped Ram 1500 models, which is rated up to 29 mpg on the highway.

GM's midsize pickup platform was blessed with the introduction of a 170 cubic inch, 4 cylinder inline diesel for the 2016 model year. In addition to outstanding fuel economy potential, the engine's 369 lb-ft of torque under full load contribute to impressive capability for such a small package. While the Tacoma continues to lead the midsize market in sales volume, you can expect the only diesel option within the category to continue to grow in popularity.

2016 MY GMC Canyon, Chevrolet Colorado


2.8L Duramax LWN


170 cid, 2.8 liters


Inline 4 cylinder DOHC


6 speed automatic

Bore x Stroke:

3.70" x 3.94"

Compression Ratio:

16.5 : 1


High pressure common rail


Turbocharged, intercooled


181 hp @ 3,400 rpm


369 lb-ft @ 2,000 rpm

Fuel Economy:

4x2 Models:

22 city, 31 highway mpg

4x4 Models:

20 city, 29 highway mpg


6,200 lbs


12,700 lbs

Max Payload:

1,508 lbs

Max Trailer Tow:

7,700 lbs

Curb Weight*:

4x2 Models:

4,462 - 4,485 lbs

4x4 Models:

4,698 - 4,748 lbs

*Curb weight range for Crew Cab, short and long bed models with 2.8L Duramax engine.

Sources: www.chevrolet.com, www.gmc.com, www.toyota.com
Disclaimer: All listed specifications published by vehicle's respective manufacturer for 2016 model year.