3.0L Duramax Maintenance Schedule & Service Guide

Silverado/Sierra 1500 3.0L Duramax Maintenance Intervals & Service Info

Applicable Models:

2020 - present Chevrolet Silverado 1500, GMC Sierra 1500

Applicable Engine(s):

3.0L Duramax I-6 turbodiesel

Applicable Transmission(s):

General Motors 10L80 ten speed automatic

Service procedures that are required at a declared vehicle mileage OR time interval should be performed at the point which either the mileage OR time interval is reached (whichever should come first). A vehicle may fall under the "severe" or "special" service category if any of the following is true:

• Vehicle is idled excessively (> 10 minutes of idling in a 60 minute period), frequently driven in heavy stop-and-go traffic, or is used regularly for short trips that prevent the engine from reaching normal operating temperature.
• Vehicle is operated in extremely hot or cold weather conditions.
• Vehicle is used to tow a trailer or haul heavy cargo.
• Vehicle is operated off-road or in dusty conditions.

3.0L Duramax Maintenance Schedule

Service Procedure

Recommended Interval


Replace engine air filter

45,000 miles

Or as indicated by "CHANGE ENGINE AIR FILTER" message; check at oil change intervals and replace as necessary

Change engine oil & oil filter

When "CHANGE ENGINE OIL SOON" message is displayed

Replace engine oil at least once per year regardless of miles driven

Replace fuel filter(s)

30,000 miles or 2 years

Or when "CHANGE FUEL FILTER" message is illuminated; do not exceed 30,000 miles/2 years between fuel filter changes

Replace serpentine belt

As needed

Inspect belt condition at oil change intervals, replace as necessary

Service engine cooling system

150,000 miles or 5 years

Recommend new radiator hoses, overflow tank cap, and thermostat in addition to replacing the engine coolant

Replace oil pump belt


150,000 miles

Transmission removal required


200,000 miles

Replace automatic transmission filter & fluid

45,000 miles under severe service conditions [1]

No normal transmission service interval given, see footnote

Replace transfer case fluid


97,500 miles

Replace transfer case fluid immediately if gearbox is submerged; water intrusion probable


45,000 miles

Replace front differential fluid

No service interval provided

Replace differential fluid immediately if submerged; water intrusion probable

Replace rear differential fluid

[1] Most vehicles will meet "severe" service criteria at some point, thus we recommend that all vehicles service the transmission at 45,000 mile intervals

3.0L Duramax Service Part Numbers

Updated through 2021 model year

Part Description

ACDelco/GM Part Numbers

Engine air filter

ACDelco A3244C (GM 84121219)

Engine oil filter

ACDelco PF66

Oil pan drain plug

GM 55577568

Oil fill cap


Fuel filter

ACDelco TP1015 (GM 13539108)(includes seals)

Serpentine belt

ACDelco 6K747 (GM 55490583)

Belt tensioner

GM 55490609

Glow plug

ACDelco 69G, GM 55490594

Glow plug control module

GM 12687698



Thermostat housing

ACDelco 1511130, GM 55503133

Thermostat housing gasket/seal

GM 55496127

Coolant reservoir (primary)

GM 84645616

Coolant reservoir cap

GM 13502353

Coolant reservoir (aux/intercooler)

GM 23394012

Upper radiator hose

GM 84545557

Lower radiator hose

GM 84607471

Coolant reservoir inlet hose

GM 84545561

Coolant reservoir outlet hose

GM 84545538

Turbocharger coolant line (supply)

GM 55492649

Turbocharger coolant line (return)

GM 55506773

Turbocharger coolant line gasket

GM 55490656

Turbocharger oil supply line

GM 55506206

Turbocharger oil line gasket

GM 55493605, 55496919

Turbocharger assembly

GM 55512760

Automatic transmission filter

ACDelco TF937, GM 24294355

Transmission pan gasket


Transmission pan drain plug

GM 24233099

Rear differential cover gasket

GM 22943110

3.0L Duramax Silverado/Sierra 1500 oil/Fluid Specifications & Capacities


Oil/Fluid Specification

Capacity [1]

Engine oil

SAE 0W-20 meeting GM dexosD spec
Recommend Amsoil 0W-20 Synthetic diesel oil, meets dexosD spec

7.0 quarts w/ filter change

Engine coolant [2]

GM DEX-COOL extended life engine coolant (orange)
ACDelco 10-101 concentrated engine coolant (GM 12346290)
ACDelco 10-5027 premixed engine coolant (GM 12378390)

20.2 quarts

Automatic transmission fluid


~ 13.0 quarts

Transfer case fluid

GM DEXRON VI ATF (ACDelco 10-9243)
Recommend Amsoil FE Synthetic ATF

1.6 quarts

Front differential oil

75W-85 gear oil (GM 19300457, ACDelco 10-4091)
Recommend Amsoil Severe Gear 75W-90 synthetic gear oil

1.15 - 1.25 quarts

Rear differential oil

2.1 - 2.75 quarts

Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)

ACDelco diesel exhaust fluid 10-4023 [3]

5.3 gallons

[1] Capacities are nominal; always fill to appropriate dipstick marker, fill plug level, or other applicable fluid level indicator. Oil and fluid levels should be verified before and after driving vehicle.

[2] Concentrated engine coolant must be diluted 50/50 with distilled water. Do NOT dilute premixed engine coolant. Cooling system capacity on Express/Savana vans depends on heater configuration and optional equipment.

[3] Or other acceptable diesel exhaust fluid; do NOT attempt to dilute DEF under any circumstances.