Bobcat E20 Fuel Filter Replacement

Bobcat E20 Kubota D722-E2B Fuel Filter Replacement Guide

Bobcat requires the fuel filter/fuel-water-separator be replaced every 250 hours or 12 months, whichever comes first, on E20 mini excavator models equipped with the Kubota D722-E2B 3 cylinder diesel. Additionally, they suggest draining the fuel-water-separator every 10 hours of operation in order to continuously track fuel condition and monitor for excessive water in the fuel, which could potentially damage the fuel system.

Applications Bobcat E20, Kubota D722-E2B tier 4 diesel (3 cylinder)
Replacement intervals Replace fuel filter every 250 hours/12 months
Fuel filter part numbers Bobcat 6667352 Donaldson P551039 WIX 33192 Baldwin BF1257

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fuel filter location

• Locate the fuel filter/water separator to the right of the air filter assembly.

fuel-water separator

• Place a small container beneath the water-fuel-separator drain. Loosen the drain valve until fuel begins to drain from the filter. When the fuel filter/water separator has drained completely, close the drain valve.

Alternatively, a section of fuel line can be attached to the drain valve so that the fuel filter can be drained into a larger, remotely placed container.

fuel filter removed

• Remove the fuel filter from the fuel filter base. Have a shop towel handy to catch any fuel from spilling during the process.

• Clean the fuel filter base and ensure there are no remnants of old gasket material or other debris stuck to it that could compromise the seal when the new filter is installed.

lubricating gasket on replacement fuel filter

• Lubricate the o-ring of the new fuel filter with clean engine oil. This engine model features a primer bulb on the fuel line between the tank and fuel pump, so it is not necessary to fill the new filter with diesel fuel; the system will be primed in subsequent steps. However, it is perfectly acceptable to fill the new filter with clean diesel fuel or a diesel fuel additive before installation.

new fuel filter installed

• Install the new fuel filter; tighten snug by hand. Verify that the water drain valve at the bottom of the filter is closed.

fuel system priming bulb

• Locate the primer bulb attached to the fuel line that connects the fuel pump to the fuel tank.

fuel filter bleed orifice

• Locate the bleed orifice on the top of the fuel filter base. Open the orifice slightly, then pump the primer bulb until fuel begins to seep from the orifice.

• Close the fuel bleed orifice and start the engine. The engine will run rough until the fuel system is bled completely; this is completely normal. Check for leaks around the fuel filter base and bleed orifice.

• If the engine stalls, repeat the bleed process described above and restart engine. It may take several bleed cycles before the engine will stay running.