Bobcat E20 Oil Change (Kubota D722-E2B)

The Kubota D722-E2B is a 3 cylinder diesel found in a variety of equipment, including the Bobcat E10 and E20 mini excavators. Since most construction equipment is run at max engine speed and frequently at full load, their engines tend to live a hard life and routine maintenance is vital to longevity and reliability. Bobcat requires that the engine oil on E20 excavators be changed initially at 50 hours, followed by 500 hour/12 month intervals. If the machine is operated in extremely hot/cold environments, we recommend shortening the oil change interval for piece of mind; the Kubota D722-E2B only requires 3.5 quarts of oil and changing it is a relatively quick operation. Under no circumstances should the oil change intervals be extended.

Bobcat E20 Motor Oil Selection


Bobcat E20, Kubota D722-E2B tier 4 diesel (3 cylinder)

Oil change intervals:

Change oil & oil filter at 50 hours initially (1st service) followed by every 500 hours/12 months

Oil filter part numbers:

Donaldson P502067

WIX 51365XP

Baldwin B1400

Bobcat 6671057

Oil capacity:

3.5 U.S. quarts

Oil Viscosity*:

0 °F to 115 °F (ambient temp)

SAE 15W-40 API CK-4
Recommend Amsoil Heavy Duty 15W-40 synthetic diesel oil

-20 °F to 95 °F (ambient temp)

SAE 10W-30 API CK-4
Recommend Amsoil Heavy Duty 10W-30 synthetic diesel oil

*Note that Kubota's engine oil viscosity recommendations differ from those provided by Bobcat. Both Bobcat and Kubota allow for additional oil viscosities to be used, however their operating temperature ranges are narrow and thus they have been omitted. A wide spectrum of ambient operating temperatures are covered by using either a SAE 15W-40 (especially for hotter climates) or SAE 10W-30 (especially for colder climates). For more information on oil options, refer to your Bobcat owners/service manual or contact your Bobcat dealer.

Bobcat Synthetic Motor Oil Recommendations

Diesel Hub recommends the following Amsoil products for Bobcat equipment:

Amsoil synthetic diesel oils offer:

• Superior protection against fuel dilution and oil consumption

• Superior resilience against thermal, mechanical, and chemical breakdown of engine oil

• Improved oil flow and engine protection in sub-zero temperatures and during cold starts

How to Change the Engine Oil in a Bobcat E20 Excavator

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Position of machine prior to changing oil

• Orient the machine in an appropriate position so that there is room to place a drain pan beneath the engine and the oil will not drain onto the machine itself.

Engine oil draining

• Place a suitable container (minimum 4 quart capacity) beneath the engine oil pan to capture drained oil.

• Remove the engine oil drain plug (14 mm socket/wrench for this machine).

Engine oil dipstick

• Pull the dipstick out slightly or loosen the oil fill cap to allow the engine oil to drain faster.

Engine oil filter

• Optional - a section of wiring harness running parallel with the fuel inlet line encroaches on the position of the oil filter. Removing the single nut that secures it to the frame of the machine allows the wire loom to be moved out of the way, reducing the chances that it will become oil soaked when the oil filter is removed.

Engine oil filter closeup

• Place a series of shop rags/towels below the oil filter assembly to reduce spilling.

• Remove the engine oil filter.

Oil filter removed and base cleaned

• Carefully clean the oil filter base and ensure that there are no remnants of the old oil filter gasket stuck to the base.

Lubricating replacement oil filter gasket

• Lubricate the gasket on the replacement oil filter with clean engine oil.

• Install the new oil filter in reverse order; tighten snug by hand.

Oil pan drain plug reinstalled

• Verify that the engine oil has drained completely, then reinstall the drain plug; snug tight.

Oil fill location

• Add 3.5 quarts of engine oil through the oil fill tube, then reinstall the oil fill cap.

• Verify the engine oil level is correct using the dipstick.

• Start engine and verify there are no leaks at the oil pan drain plug and oil filter base.

Amsoil 15W-40 engine oil

• We've chosen Amsoil Heavy Duty 15W-40 synthetic engine oil for our machine, which is suitable for operation in temperatures as low as 0 °F and beyond 100 °F. If you're equipment is being operated in extremely cold conditions, a 10W-30 would be a more suitable option.