Dana 50 Front Differential Service

How to Change the Fluid in the Dana 50 TTB Front Axle

Applicable Models:

1983 - 1997 Ford F-250, 4 wheel drive

Applicable Differential(s):

Dana 50 twin-traction beam (TTB) front differential

Love it or hate it, there are a great deal of Dana 50 equipped F-Series pickups on the road. The Dana 50 twin traction beam front axle was the heavy duty counterpart to the Dana 44 TTB used exclusively in the Ford F-250 for 1980 through 1997 model years. The unique differential housing does not have a removable cover nor a drain plug, so fluid must be manually extracted.

Dana 50 TTB Specs

Manufacturer Dana Holding Corporation
Applications 1980 to 1997 Ford F-250, select 1980 to 1986 Ford F-350
Type Semi floating front differential
Ring Gear Diameter 9.00"
Pinion Shaft Diameter 1.375" (1-3/8")
Pinion Shaft Spline 26 spline
Axle Tube Diameter N/A, twin-traction beam system
Axle Shaft Diameter 1.21"
Axle Shaft Spline 30 spline, 1.31" axle shaft diameter @ spline
Max GAWR 4,600 lbs
Fluid Spec SAE 80W-90 gear oil
Recommend Amsoil 80W-90 Severe Gear full synthetic gear oil
Fluid Capacity ~ 2 qts; always add fluid to fill plug level

Dana 50 TTB Oil Change Procedures

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Dana 50 twin traction beam front differential

• The Dana 50 TTB does not have a drain plug - fluid needs to be extracted through the fill hole using an extraction pump.

• Remove the fill plug from the front of the differential housing (square drive). Insert the tube of the extraction pump through the fill hole into the bottom of differential and extract all the old gear oil.

Draining the Dana 50

• Once the old fluid has been extracted, refill the differential with fresh fluid. Ford lists the capacity as 2 quarts - you simply need to fill it until fluid has reached the fill plug level. Once it begins to dribble out of the fill plug, the differential fluid level is full.

• Clean the fill plug before re-installation.

Changing oil in the Dana 50 front end

• We used a manual suction pump to remove the old fluid, and this nifty bottle pump for refilling the case. These are available at most auto part stores and attach to the top of standard oil bottles. If you are using the same pump for extracting and refilling, be sure to clean the pump in between procedures to avoid contamination.