Ditch Witch Deutz Diesel 1011 & 2011 Series Engine Oil Change Guide

Page Contents:

  1. Deutz 1011/2011 Oil Change Information
  2. Oil Viscosity Chart
  3. Engine Oil Recommendations
  4. Oil Filter Cross Reference Chart
  5. Oil Change Procedures

Applicable Models:

Various industrial, construction, agricultural equipment & machinery

Applicable Engine(s):

Deutz 1011 series oil cooled inline diesel
Deutz 2011 series oil cooled inline diesel

Engine Oil Capacity:

Engine oil capacity varies with application & equipment type; refer to equipment operation/service manual for applicable oil capacity

Engine Oil Viscosity Spec:

Various; refer to oil viscosity chart below

Deutz 1011/2011 Engine Oil Change Information

The Deutz 1011 and 2011 engine families are unique in that they are oil cooled; there is no traditional cooling system and no coolant flowing through the engine. A large heat exchanger receiving a constant supply of airflow dissipates heat absorbed by the lube oil supply. These largely reliable engines are found in various industrial, construction, and agricultural machinery applications, including trenching equipment from Ditch Witch.

Since the engine oil has the additional task of transferring and dissipating heat generated by the engine, the lubricant is subjected to extreme temperatures and thermal degradation is a particular concern. But why oil cooled? Packaging restraints and application reach are primary factors. A packaged unit that is ready to install is more appealing than an engine that will incur additional design and material costs in developing a cooling system suitable for a specific application type. Additionally, these engines are designed to operate at a rated speed under high loads, often in a stationary position where airflow is limited and environments are harsh. By design, these engines have specific lubricant requirements and special considerations should be taken into account when selecting an engine oil.

Oil Viscosity Chart | Deutz 1011 & 2011 Series Engines

Ambient Temperature Range

Oil Viscosity

Ambient temp < 85° F

SAE 0W-30

All temps

SAE 0W-40

Ambient temp > 20° F, < 85° F

SAE 5W-30

Ambient temp > -20° F

SAE 5W-40

Ambient temp > 0° F, < 85° F

SAE 10W-30

Ambient temp > 0° F

SAE 10W-40

Ambient temp > 5° F

SAE 15W-40

Ambient temp > 20° F

SAE 20W-50

Deutz provides a variety of suitable engine oil viscosities based on ambient application temperature. Since this is an oil cooled engine without a traditional water-based cooling system, it is extremely important that the selected engine oil viscosity grade falls within the prescribed ambient temperature requirements. 15W-40, 5W-40, and 0W-40 are all highly common viscosity grades with a wide range of application temperatures.

Note that preheating with the engine block heater is required in ambient temperatures at -20° F and below. However, we highly recommend using the engine block heater on 1011 and 2011 series engines anytime the ambient temperature falls below freezing. Not only is the engine going to start easier and run smoother, using the block heater is going to help reduce wear during the critical start and warm-up periods.

Modern equipment powered by Deutz 1011 and 2011 series engines equipped with diesel particulate filters require a low ash engine oil meeting API CF/CF-4 or CH-4/CG-4 specifications. Failure to meet these requirements may result in DPF plugging, expensive repairs, and unnecessary equipment downtime. Additionally, Deutz requires an engine oil that meets their DQC (DQCI, DQCII, DQCIII depending on the application) lubricant criteria. All the recommended oils listed below meet the DQCI, DQCII, and DQCIII criteria.

Deutz 1011/2011 Engine Oil Recommendations

Diesel Hub recommends the following Amsoil products for all Deutz 1011 & 2011 Series Engines:

Amsoil synthetic engine oils offer:

Superior resilience against thermal, mechanical, and chemical breakdown of engine oil

• Superior protection against fuel dilution and oil consumption

• Low ash engine oil meets or exceeds all applicable API ratings, protects EGR and exhaust aftertreatment systems

• Improved oil flow and engine protection in sub-zero temperatures and during cold starts

Amsoil is a leading manufacturer of synthetic oils and lubricants, including a line of engine oils engineered to meet the stringent demands specific to diesel engines.

Due to the rigorous role of the engine oil and the constant fluctuation in temperature, a high quality full synthetic engine oil is highly recommended for their superior resilience to thermal breakdown. Hard working equipment requires an oil that is up to the challenge.

Oil Filter Cross Reference


Part Number

Ditch Witch








How to Change the Engine Oil on a Deutz Diesel (Ditch Witch RT-40)

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engine oil drain hose location

• Park the machine on a level surface.

• Locate the engine oil drain hose; the hose should be tucked against the frame rail or up into the engine compartment out of harm's way.

oil pan placed beneath engine

• Place a suitable drain container beneath the engine oil drain hose.

engine oil draining

• Remove the drain hose cap/plug with a pair of appropriately sized wrenches and position the hose over the oil drain pan.

oil fill location

• Locate and loosen the oil fill cap while the oil is draining; this will allow air into the crankcase so that the engine oil will drain freely.

air filter removed

• Remove the engine air filter assembly and any required intake tubing if it is impeding access to the oil fill port (you will need enough room to set a funnel into the fill port).

engine lube oil filter location

• Locate the engine oil filter (do not confuse with the fuel filter, which may be mounted in close proximity).

• Remove the engine oil filter (standard counterclockwise rotation when looking up from the bottom of the oil filter).

• Thoroughly clean the engine oil filter adapter flange and ensure that the old filter gasket did not adhere to the flange when the filter was removed.

lubricating new oil filter gasket

• Lubricate the new oil filter gasket with clean engine oil, then prefill the filter with clean motor oil until it is at least 3/4 full.

new oil filter installed

• Install the new engine oil filter snug tight by hand (do not tighten with a filter wrench or equivalent, tighten by hand only).

• Reinstall the engine oil drain hose cap/plug once the oil has drained completely. Maneuver and tuck the hose into a secure position so that it will not drag, rip off, or become damaged.

adding new engine oil

• Fill the engine crankcase with new engine oil. This RT-40 powered by a Deutz 2011 series takes 6 quarts, but engine oil capacity WILL vary by application; refer to your equipment manual for actual engine oil capacity. Since the oil filter was prefilled, we've added the remaining 5 1/2 quarts through the oil fill (6 quarts total capacity subtracted from 1/2 quarts, the amount of engine oil that was added to the oil filter).

• Secure the oil fill cap after the engine oil has been added.

checking oil level on dipstick

• Verify the engine oil level is correct using the oil level indicator (dipstick).

• Start the machine and check for leaks at the oil drain hose and around the oil filter gasket. Verify engine oil level once more after the machine has cooled and engine oil has had an opportunity to drain back into the crankcase.

Summary & Key Points

• The Deutz 1011 and 2011 series engines are oil cooled and therefore do not have a traditional water-based cooling system

• Motor oil in oil cooled engines is subjected to extreme temperatures and must meet specific criteria

• Deutz 1011 and 2011 engines are compatible with a wide range of oil viscosities depending on the ambient operating conditions