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3.0L Power Stroke Maintenance Guide

Applicable Models:

2018 - present Ford F-150

Applicable Engine(s):

3.0L Power Stroke V-6 turbodiesel

Applicable Transmission(s):

Ford Motor Company 10R80 ten speed automatic

Service procedures that are required at a declared vehicle mileage OR time interval should be performed at the point which either the mileage OR time interval is reached (whichever should come first). A vehicle may fall under the "severe" or "special" service category if any of the following is true:

• Vehicle is idled excessively (> 10 minutes of idling in a 60 minute period), frequently driven in heavy stop-and-go traffic, or is used regularly for short trips that prevent the engine from reaching normal operating temperature.
• Vehicle is operated in extremely hot or cold weather conditions.
• Vehicle is used to tow a trailer or haul heavy cargo.
• Vehicle is operated off-road or in dusty conditions.

3.0L Power Stroke Maintenance Schedule (Service Intervals)

Note that the maintenance schedule provided by Ford for the 3.0L Power Stroke is relatively complex and features more exceptions than directives; this is a simplified version compiled for the convenience of owners.

Service Procedure

Recommended Service Interval(s)

Additional Notes

Replace engine oil & oil filter

Normal conditions

7,500 - 10,000 miles (1 yr)

3.0L Power Stroke engines are equipped with an Intelligent Oil-Life Monitor. Replace engine oil as indicated by the instrument cluster display. Provided values are estimates only. Do NOT exceed 10,000 miles/1 year of driving without changing engine oil.

Moderate towing, idling

5,000 - 7,500 miles (6 mo)

Heavy towing, extensive idling

3,000 - 5,000 miles (3 mo)

Replace fuel filters

30,000 miles

Drain fuel water separator, replace engine and frame mounted fuel filters.

Replace engine air filter & foam pre-filter

30,000 miles

Inspect air filter and pre-filter condition at oil change intervals, replace as necessary.

Replace accessory drive belt

150,000 miles

Inspect at oil change intervals, replace as necessary.

Drain and flush engine cooling system

Initial service

100,000 miles/6 yrs (normal)
60,000 miles/2400 hrs (severe)

Check engine coolant and corrosion inhibitor concentrations every 30,000 miles/1,200 hours if operating under severe conditions; adjust as necessary. Do not add/adjust/check corrosion inhibitor concentration after the initial drain/flush has been performed.

Subsequent service

50,000 miles/3 yrs (normal)
45,000 miles/1800 hrs (severe)

Replace automatic transmission fluid & filter

150,000 miles

Drain and refill transmission, replace filter.

Replace transfer case fluid

150,000 miles

Replace transfer case fluid immediately if gearbox is submerged in water.

Replace front differential fluid

150,000 miles

Replace differential fluid immediately if axle is submerged in water.

Replace rear differential fluid

150,000 miles

3.0L Power Stroke Service Parts

Part Description

Part Number

Air filter

Motorcraft FA1883

Air filter minder

Motorcraft FA1941


Motorcraft BAGM-49H8-850 (group 49)

Engine oil filter

Motorcraft FL2081

Fuel filter

Motorcraft FD4627 (includes primary & secondary fuel filters)

Fuel pump assembly

Motorcraft PFS1195 (in-tank pump/sending unit assy)

Fuel injector

Cylinder 1

Motorcraft CN6022

Cylinder 2, 5, 6

Motorcraft CN6023

Cylinder 3 & 4

Motorcraft CN6012

Serpentine belt

Inner drive belt

Motorcraft JK6505

Outer drive belt

Motorcraft JK6591

Belt tensioner

For inner belt

Motorcraft BT145

For outer belt

Motorcraft BT144

Glow Plug

Motorcraft ZD22

Radiator cap

Motorcraft RS531


Motorcraft RT1227

Lower radiator hose

Motorcraft KM5600

Upper radiator hose

Motorcraft KM5599

Coolant bypass hose

Motorcraft KM5582

Engine starter

Motorcraft SA1108


Motorcraft GL8908

Transmission filter

Primary filter

Motorcraft FT215

Trans pump filter

Motorcraft FT138

3.0L Power Stroke Oil/Fluid Capacities & Specifications


Oil/Fluid Specification

Oil/Fluid Capacity [1]

Engine oil [2]

Ambient temp > -20° F

SAE 5W-30 API FA-4 meeting Ford WSS-M2C214-B1 spec
(Preferred for normal driving)
Recommend Amsoil 5W-30 synthetic diesel oil (meets WSS-M2C214-B1 & API FA-4 specifications)

6.5 U.S. qts w/ filter

Ambient temp > 0° F

SAE 10W-30 API FA-4
(Acceptable, not preferred)

Ambient temp > -20° F

SAE 5W-40 API CK-4 meeting Ford WSS-M2C171-F1 spec
(Required for severe service conditions & biodiesel use)
Recommend Amsoil Signature Series 5W-40 synthetic diesel oil (meets WSS-M2C171-F1 and API CK-4 specifications)

Ambient temp < -20° F

SAE 0W-40 CK-4 meeting Ford WSS-M2C171-F1 spec
(Required if ambient temp is below -20° F)

Engine coolant [3]

Motorcraft Orange antifreeze/engine coolant
Motorcraft VC-3DIL-B (pre-diluted)
Motorcraft VC-3-B (concentrate)

13.7 U.S. qts (3.425 gallons, 12.965 liters)

Automatic transmission fluid

Motorcraft MERCON ULV automatic transmission fluid
Motorcraft XT-12Q-ULV

13.1 U.S. qts (12.4 liters)

Transfer case fluid

Motorcraft MERCON LV automatic transmission fluid (Motorcraft XT-10Q-LVC)
Recommend Amsoil FE Synthetic ATF

1.5 U.S. qts (3 pints)

Front differential fluid

SAE 75W-85 full synthetic hypoid gear oil
Recommend Amsoil Severe Gear 75W-90 synthetic gear oil

1.8 U.S. qts (3.6 pints)

Rear differential fluid

2.7 U.S. qts (5.4 pints)

[1] Oil and fluid capacities are nominal; always fill to appropriate dipstick indicator, fill plug level, or other fluid level indicator.

[2] American Petroleum Institute (API) rating FA-4 is not cross-compatible or back-compatible with previous CK-4, CJ-4, CH-4, etc engine oils. 5W-30 and 10W-30 engine oil viscosities must meet API FA-4 specifications. Do not use an engine oil outside of its ambient temperature range.

[3] Part number for pre-diluted engine coolant provided; for concentrated engine coolants, mix 50/50 with distilled water. Do not dilute pre-diluted engine coolant.

3.0L Power Stroke Belt Routing

3.0L Power Stroke belt routing

Accessory drive belt routing for 3.0L Power Stroke diesel