Ram 5500 Long Hauler Concept

Ram Teases with "Long Hauler" Concept on Ram 5500 Chassis

From the optional 160 gallon fuel capacity, to the 800 lb-ft 6.7L Cummins Turbodiesel, to the massive Dana 110 rear axle stuffed with 4.88 gears, Chrysler's Ram Long-Hauler concept means business. At 24 feet long and weighing in at over 9,000 lbs, the term "big" seems like an understatement for what is still technically pickup. Thanks to a Ram 5500 chassis, engineers were able to grant the Long-Hauler a 37,500 lbs GCWR. Affixed to the class 5 chassis is a Mega Cab, mid-mounted auxiliary fuel tank, and 8 foot bed. Between the mid-mounted fuel tank, standard frame mounted fuel tank, and optional bed mounted fuel tank, the Long-Hauler can hold up to 162 gallons of diesel.

Power to move this massive truck and its cargo comes from Cummins' 800 lb-ft 6.7L Turbodiesel. Torque is transmitted through an Aisin 6-speed auto transmission and fed to the dual rear wheels by a 4.88 packed Dana 110 axle. 4 wheel drive gives the Long-Hauler the traction it needs to navigate rough terrain one might encounter on farms on construction sites. The Kelderman air suspension system provides a surprisingly smooth ride while offering kneeling and self-leveling capabilities.

Chrysler made the Ram Long-Hauler as aesthetically pleasing as they did capable. A massive chrome bull bar wraps the front end and accents the attitude that the truck delivers, while the unique 2 tone paint job allows the truck to stand out in a crowd. 19.5 inch Alcoa aluminum wheels, reminiscent of those found on big rigs, shine brightly at all 4 corners. Leather interior and a premium sound package provide driver/passenger comfort for the long haul.

The Ram Long Hauler, if it were pushed into production, would provide range, comfort, and capability that would likely attract the attention of haulers, farmers/ranchers, RVers, boaters, and others who need a truck to move some serious payload long distances. With a 197.4 inch wheelbase, the truck is a little big for cruising around town, but would make a great dedicated tow rig for someone who could benefit from the range and capability the truck offers. For now, the truck remains a concept and we've heard no rumors of plans to bump the truck into production.

Ram Long Hauler Concept truck

Ram 5500 Long Hauler Concept

Ram Long Hauler Specs


Mega Cab, long bed, Ram 5500 chassis


6.7L Cummins Inline 6 Turbodiesel


350 hp


800 lb-ft


Aisin 6 speed automatic

Axle ratios:

4.88 : 1


Kelderman Air Suspension front & rear


Alcoa 19.5 inch aluminum

Curb Weight:

9,300 lbs.


37,500 lbs.

Fuel capacity:

Up to 162 gallons (Frame mounted tank + mid tank + auxiliary tank in bed)

Unique Features:

• Self leveling & kneeling suspension (truck can be lowered for hitching up to a trailer).

• Range of operation.

• Mid-section mounted fuel tank (mounted between cab & bed).