Duramax Powered All Terrain Concept

It's fairly easy to argue that General Motors' GMC Sierra All Terrain HD concept, which surfaced in 2010, directly targeted the Ford Raptor. The 3/4 ton truck was built on a 2011 model year Sierra 2500HD platform and primarily retained a factory production cab, chassis, and powertrain (6.6L Duramax & Allison 1000 combo). Despite the similarities to the production 2500HD, the All Terrain portrayed a "go anywhere" attitude supported by an aggressive stance and all the features required to tackle the roughest of terrains. A 5.1" shorter wheelbase and 9.2" shorter body allowed for improved approach/departure angles. 3" of lift and 35" tall tires gave the truck 11.8" of ground clearance, as apposed to the factory 4-wheel drive 2500's 8.2" of ground clearance. Aggressive BF Goodrich Mud Terrains wrapped 20" billet wheels, which featured a wider wheel offset for increased stability. To enhance off road capability, suspension travel was controlled by Fox Racing shock absorbers connected to new aluminum upper and lower control arms.

While the GMC Sierra All Terrain is equipped to handle rough terrain, it retains a respectable 2,700 lbs payload and 15,600 lbs maximum tow capability. There is no mistaking that this truck takes aim at the market that Ford's SVT Raptor currently dominates; with no competition. If put into production, however, the GMC Sierra All Terrain would likely merge portions of the "All Terrain/Off Road" market with the heavy duty diesel market. The payload and towing capabilities surpass the Raptor, making it a viable choice to consumers who need a truck for work and play. And while the heavy diesel may not allow the truck to be quite as nimble as Ford's Raptor, the engine does offer generous amounts of torque. Ford's Raptor has enjoyed success in a market in which one can argue there is currently no competition.

Unfortunately, we won't be expecting the Sierra All Terrain HD concept to become a production model in the foreseeable future. This follows the fact that for the 2015 model year, GMC introduced an All Terrain package for 2500HD and 3500HD models. However, these models resemble an upgraded trim package and lack both the features and capabilities that the All Terrain HD concept boasted.

GMC Sierra All Terrain Concept

GMC Sierra All Terrain Concept

GMC Sierra All Terrain Concept Specs


4 wheel drive, rear wheel drive


6.6L Duramax


Allison 1000 6 speed automatic

Axle Ratios:

3.73 : 1


• Wheelbase: 148.6 inches
• Length x Width x Height: 230.9 x 83.0 x 81.8 inches
• Track Width: 73.0 inches
• Approach/Departure Angles: 39.0/31.0 degrees
• Ground Clearance: 11.8 inches


2,700 lb payload, 15,600 lb max tow


Fox Racing Shox, leaf springs


9.5"x20" billet aluminum wheels, 325/60R20 BF Goodrich Mud Terrain tires


397 hp @ 3,000 rpm


765 lb-ft @ 1,600 rpm