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Aisin A466ND automatic transmission

Aisin A466ND 6 Speed Automatic

Exclusive to the Nissan Titan XD, the Aisin A466ND handles the XD's powerful 5.0L Cummins V-8. With a variety of sophisticated features, the A466ND is a transmission from a different category altogether.

2013 Ram 3500 HD

Chrysler 68RFE 6 Speed Automatic

The Chrysler 68RFE six speed automatic transmission made its debut simultaneously alongside the 6.7L Cummins Turbodiesel midway into the 2007 model year. The transmission has since earned a reputation far greater than any of Chrysler's previous automatic transmission designs, although it remains second to Ram's Aisin offering behind H.O. Cummins models.

Ram 1500 equipped with EcoDiesel engine, TorqueFlite transmission

Chrysler TorqueFlite 8 (ZF 8HP70)

Class leading fuel economy in the EcoDiesel equipped Ram 1500 is a result of more than a highly efficient engine - ZF's 8 speed automatic transmission, produced under license by Chrysler, contributes greatly to the package's fuel sipping characteristics.

Mercedes G56 manual transmission

Mercedes Benz G56 Six Speed Manual

The last of the handshakers, Ram remains the last of the Big 3 to offer a manual gearbox with their diesel option. While ordering a Ram 2500/3500 with a manual trans comes at the expense of a greatly detuned Cummins Turbodiesel, one can only commend Ram for continuing to offer the G56 in its heavy duty pickup line.

TorqShift equipped Ford Super Duty

Ford TorqShift 5R110W

Ford's "TorqShift 5" five speed automatic transmission, officially the 5R110W, made its debut with the 6.0L Power Stroke for the 2003 model year. Where the 6.0L left much to be desired in the early years, the TorqShift became an instant favorite as a result of its quick, crisp shift characteristics and has since earned a positive reputation in terms of reliability and durability.

ZF 6 speed manual transmission

ZF 6 Speed Manual (S6-650 & S6-750)

The ZF S6-650 and S6-750 manual transmissions can be found in various Ford (7.3L, 6.0L, 6.4L Power Stroke) and General Motors (6.6L Duramax) applications. The six speed gearbox represents the last manual transmission offered by both companies.

ZF 5 speed manual transmission

ZF 5 Speed Manual (S5-42 & S5-47)

If you were to call the ZF 5 speed bulletproof, you wouldn't be wrong - it takes a lot to kill one of these units. Unfortunately, the hydraulic clutch system and associated components has a tendency to produce a false sense of transmission troubles. An abundance of these units remain in service behind 7.3L Power Stroke diesel equipped Ford pickups.

NV4500 manual  transmission

New Venture NV4500 & NV4500HD 5 Speed

The venerable NV4500 was produced by New Venture Gear, a partnership between Chrysler's New Process Gear and General Motor's Muncie drivetrain divisions. As such, the transmission is found in various Dodge and GMC/Chevrolet applications between 1992 and 2005 model years.

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