New Process NP241

NP241 Transfer Case Specs & Ratios

The NP241 transfer case is a chain driven, part time unit with a cast aluminum case comprised of several sections bolted together. It was used by Dodge from 1989 to 1993, and GM from 1989 to 2000. The NP241 was also used in several Jeep models. For the most part, the Dodge and Jeep versions are interchangeable, while the GM version is not.

New Process NP241 Specs


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• 1989 - 1993 Dodge
• 1989 - 2000 GMC/Chevrolet
• Some Jeep models of similar model years


Cast aluminum

Drive Type:

Part time, chain driven. Manual and automatic shift versions produced

Gear Ratios:

High Range

1.00 : 1 (direct drive)

Low Range

2.72 : 1

Fluid Type/Spec:

Automatic transmission fluid (ATF)


160 - 170 lbs dry


Transfer case ID tag located on rear of case

GMC/Chevrolet applications used either a 32 or 27 spline input shaft, while heavy duty Dodge pickups had a 29 spline input. Both fixed and slip yoke versions were produced. Slip yoke models are often converted to a fixed yet, which eliminates many of the problems with ATF leaking from the yoke of the transfer case. In terms of strength, the NP241 is adequately built for its applications, though there a number of small faults associated with it. These are commonly remedied with upgraded hardware when a rebuild is necessary, as there remains quite a bit of support for these cases.