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Chevrolet 3500HD towing

10 Essential Aftermarket Upgrades for Towing

Want to tow with more confidence? More power? Better fuel economy? These essential modifications aim to improve performance, fuel economy, handling, and trailer stopping/decent control.

Ford Power Stroke burnout

Tuners, Programmers, Chips, Modules & Boxes - Diesel Tuning Guide

By far the most popular modification on the market and best bang for the buck, tuners/programmers provide substantial increases in horsepower and torque at the push of a button. As engine management systems become more sophisticated, the aftermarket responds with even more powerful devices.

12v Cummins engine

Cheap 12v Cummins Mods

Looking to mod your 12v Cummins on a budget? Both 1st and 2nd generation 12v engines feature a mechanical injection pump with adjustments to alter various fueling characteristics that potentially may unlock measurable power for cheap.

Nitrous oxide tanks

How Nitrous Oxide Works in Diesel Engines

In a nutshell, nitrous oxide injection serves as both a turbocharger and intercooler in that it injects a great deal of oxygen into the engine and provides a cooling effect upon the intake air charge.

Diesel particulate filter

DPF Delete dilemma

To delete, or not to delete, that is the question. We dive into the controversial topic of deleting and disabling a diesel particulate filter system. While the obvious improvements in reliability, performance, and fuel economy are attractive benefits to a DPF delete, there are many aspects to consider before moving forward.

Cummins heater grid

Cummins Heater Grid Delete

Who needs a heat grid? Well, some of us might, but for those who live in warmer climates it may only serve as an unnecessary restriction and deleting the heater grid on the 5.9L Cummins has been proven to allow for greater airflow potentials, albeit marginal in many instances.

Diesel intercooler

How Intercooling Works & Intercooler Upgrade Information

The efficiency and performance potential of turbocharging is significantly increased as a result of intercooling. Sometimes also referred to as aftercooling, the process cools the hot, pressurized intake charge before it reaches the intake manifold. Intercooling can be accomplished with in air-to-air and water-to-air methods, the later requiring a more sophisticated cooling system.

6.9L, 7.3L IDI Injection pump (Stanadyne DB2)

IDI Injection Pump Tuning

Tuning the 6.9L and 7.3L IDI diesel is a fairly simple task requiring only basic hand tools, a pyrometer, and a few hours of downtime. By adjusting the fuel settings on the Stanadyne DB2 injection pump, IDI owners can find the sweet spot between maximum power and minimal smoke, which coincidentally can send EGTs skyrocketing into the danger zone.

Diesel propane injection display

Diesel Propane (LPG) and CNG Injection

Diesel propane injection was relatively popular when it first came to market. However, it's become a widely controversial modification with skeptics claiming the LPG/CNG injection is not ideal for the diesel cycle and proponents pointing out the potential for massive fuel savings.

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