6.5L GM Diesel IAT Sensor Replacement

How to Replace the IAT Sensor on a 6.5L Diesel

Applicable Models:

1992 - 2002 Chevrolet & GMC C/K series trucks, Suburban, C3500HD, etc

Applicable Engine(s):

6.5L GM diesel (turbocharged and naturally aspirated)

Intake Air Temperature Sensor:

The IAT (intake air temperature) sensor is one of many devices that provide parameters to the ECM so that it can produce the corresponding injection commands. As the name suggests, the sensor measures the temperature of the incoming intake charge, which is important do to the fact that air becomes less dense as temperature increases. The IAT sensor reads and relays the temperature of the hot, pressurized air charge as it passes through the upper intake manifold.

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IAT sensor location, 6.5L diesel

• Disconnect both negative battery cables.

• Locate the IAT sensor in the upper intake manifold (see fullsize image for reference).

electrical connector removed

• Release the locking tang then disconnect the electrical connector from the top of the IAT sensor.

Replace the connector (splice in a new pigtail) if it is damaged, distressed, warped, or the locking mechanism is broken.

base of IAT sensor

• Clean the area around the base of the IAT sensor with a clean rag lightly sprayed with solvent (i.e. brake cleaner) so that no dust, debris, or foreign objects fall into the upper intake manifold when the sensor is removed.

• Remove the sensor with a 19 mm deep socket.

New IAT sensor installed

• Install the new sensor, starting the threads by hand before snugging down with a ratchet/wrench. Do not over-tighten; the new sensor comes with a thread sealant already applied.

• Reconnect the electrical connector ensuring that it properly secures to the sensor.

• Reconnect both negative battery cables.