6.5L GM Diesel MAP Sensor Replacement

How to Replace the MAP/Boost Sensor on a 6.5L Diesel

Applicable Models:

1992 - 2002 Chevrolet & GMC C/K series trucks, Suburban, C3500HD, etc

Applicable Engine(s):

6.5L GM turbocharged diesel (not applicable to naturally aspirated engines)

The MAP (manifold absolute pressure) sensor, also referred to as the boost sensor, measures the air pressure in the upper intake manifold. This pressure corresponds with the pressure created by the turbocharger. A faulty or failed MAP/boost sensor will result in poor performance, fuel economy, and may present certain driveability concerns. For the ECM to properly control injection without over or under-fueling, it is vital to have to have an accurate manifold pressure reading.

6.5L Diesel MAP/Boost Sensor Part Numbers

Part Description Part Number(s) Remarks/Notes
MAP/boost sensor ACDelco 213-1520
Delphi PS10082
MAP sensor seal GM 16194007 ---

[1] Replacement sensor does not include seal; do not reuse seal.

6.5L Diesel MAP/Boost Sensor Replacement Procedures

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MAP/boost sensor location on a 6.5L diesel

• Disconnect both negative battery cables.

• Locate the MAP/boost sensor on the upper intake manifold (see fullsize image for reference).

electrical connector removed

• Release and disconnect the electrical connector from the MAP sensor.

Replace the connector (splice in a new pigtail) if it is damaged, distressed, warped, or the locking mechanism is broken.

How to remove MAP sensor on 6.5L diesel

• Loosen, then remove the two bolts securing the MAP sensor to the upper intake manifold using an 8 mm socket.

MAP sensor removed

• Rotate the MAP/boost sensor while gently pulling straight upwards, keeping the sensor perpendicular to the upper intake manifold so that the tip does not break off in the manifold bung.

MAP sensor seal, 6.5L diesel

• The MAP/boost sensor does not come with a seal and it must be purchased separately; do not reuse the old seal.

• Install the seal on the MAP sensor nipple, then lightly coat it with clean engine oil.

MAP sensor hardware

• Reinstall the MAP/boost sensor by inserting the nipple into the bung. Gently rotate the sensor repeatedly while pressure downwards with light force until it seats completely.

• Lightly coat the bolt threads with anti-seize lubricant, then reinstall. Snug down, but do not overtighten; the torque of these bolts is not critical.

• Ensure that the MAP sensor is fully seated, then reinstall the electrical connector and reconnect both negative battery cables.