7.3 Power Stroke Fuel Bowl Removal & Installation

Applicable Models:

1994.5 - 1997 Ford F-250, F-350, F-Super Duty
1995 - 1999 Ford Econoline E-350

Applicable Engine(s):

7.3L Power Stroke V-8 (7.3 DIT)

Many repair procedures require that the fuel filter housing be removed; replacing the mechanical fuel pump on OBS models, rebuilding the housing to repair leaks, replacing the high pressure oil pump, or removing the cylinder heads, for example. Regardless of model year or application, the filter housing (fuel bowl) is located in the center the engine valley just aft of the high pressure oil pump reservoir. Removing the fuel bowl is not terribly difficult, but there are several hoses and/or seals that should be replaced when it is reinstalled.

7.3 Power Stroke Fuel Bowl Parts Lists

Part Description

Part Number(s)


Fuel filter housing assembly

Motorcraft FG-1054


Fuel filter

Motorcraft FD-4595
Ford F4TZ-9N184-A


Fuel bowl cap

Ford F5TZ-9G270-A


Pressure hose kit (basic install kit)

Dieselply DP-1637K [1],[4],[5]

Hose, fuel pressure regulator to fuel tank return line
(5/16 ID black hose)

Dieselply DP-163301
Motorcraft KFL-33


Hose, top of fuel pump to filter bowl
(3/8 ID blue hose)

Dieselply DP-163401
Motorcraft KFL-34


Hoses, driver side fuel pump port to fuel tank hard-line
Fuel pump lower port to fuel bowl
(3/8 ID blue hoses)

Dieselply DP-163502
Motorcraft KFL-35


Bypass hose, fuel pressure regulator to fuel bowl
(3/8 ID blue hose)

Dieselply DP-163601
Ford F5TZ-9C024-A


Hose, fuel drain valve to drain hard-line
(5/16 ID black hose)

Dieselply DP-163201
Motorcraft KFL-32


Passenger side fuel return hose

Ford F4TZ-9B273-A


Driver side fuel return hose

Ford F4TZ-9D308-A


Fuel drain valve assembly

Ford F5TZ-9A153-A


[1] - Replacement required or highly recommended; do not reuse part(s)
[2] - Replace as needed if part is damaged or otherwise compromised
[3] - Fuel filter should be replaced after fuel bowl is reinstalled
[4] - Kit includes all pressure hoses required to reinstall fuel bowl; KFL-33, KFL-34, KFL-35
[5] - OEM Eaton/Continental hoses packaged under the Dieselply brand; these are identical to the Ford/Motorcraft parts but include hose clamps
[6] - For 1994.5 and 1995 model year fuel bowls only; Ford part is no obsolete and no longer manufactured
[7] - Updated high temperature hose, replace only as required

7.3 Power Stroke Fuel Bowl Removal & Installation Instructions

1994.5 to 1997 Fuel Bowl Removal

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fuel bowl location

• Attach a section of 5/16" fuel line to the fuel drain valve outlet (against front of engine block on passenger side). Drain the fuel filter housing into a suitable container by opening the drain valve at the front of the fuel filter housing (yellow lever).

• Once the fuel filter housing has drained, remove the fuel filter and discard it. Replace the fuel filter housing cap and close the drain valve.

fuel drain valve

• Loosen the clamp on the fuel drain valve hose. The nipple for the fuel drain valve is located several inches below the yellow drain valve handle. A long screw driver will be necessary to reach the clamp.

• Unplug the fuel filter housing sensor harness (passenger side of housing).

• Unplug the IPR valve connector (driver side of high pressure oil pump).

fuel pump hoses

• Loosen the clamps for all three blue hoses on the fuel pump. The driver side hose does not actually connect to the fuel filter housing, but should be replaced regardless since the others will be. The passenger side hose and lower hose connect to the fuel filter housing.

tank return hose

• Loosen the clamp for the black rubber line connecting the fuel pressure regulator to the fuel tank return line. Slide the hose downwards (away from fuel pressure regulator) onto the hard metal line until it is no longer connected to the fuel pressure regulator.

fuel return lines disconnected

• Remove the fuel return lines from the fuel pressure regulator (front, driver side of fuel filter housing, threaded fittings).

fuel filter housing bolt locations

• The fuel filter housing is secured to the engine block by (2) bolts. Remove them with a 10 mm socket and the necessary extensions.

• Lean the fuel filter housing towards the firewall and disconnect the fuel drain valve line.

• Lean the fuel filter housing towards the radiator and work off the two fuel pump lines. They tend to get hard and become stubborn to remove. Twisting them side-to-side while pulling seems to work well in working them off.

1994.5 to 1997 Fuel Bowl Installation

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fuel bowl removed

• Verify the length of all hoses by comparing them to those that were removed; the long hose connecting the housing to the fuel pump may need to be trimmed to the proper length.

• Replace the fuel hose that connects the vacuum side inlet of the fuel pump (top hose, driver side) to the metal fuel tank line using new clamps.

• Install the new fuel hose for the fuel pressure regulator (FPR) to metal tank return line (small black hose) with new clamps. Slide the hose down the metal line so that the FPR fitting can be set against the metal line.

installing new fuel lines

• Install the remaining blue fuel lines onto the fuel filter housing and clamp them down. Verify the length of the upper blue hose - it may need to be cut to match the length of the old hose.

• Install the drain valve hose at the fuel filter housing and clamp down.

• Slide the second clamp for all three lines loosely over the hoses.

rebuilt fuel filter housing

• Set the fuel bowl into place. Slide the drain valve hose onto the metal drain valve line. Slide the housing towards the fuel pump to set the depth that the metal line fits into the hose, then tighten down the clamp before installing any other fuel lines.

• Plug in the IPR connector.

• Plug in the fuel filter harness to the engine harness connector (passenger side of filter housing).

new fuel lines installed

• Slide the filter housing towards the fuel pump and install the two remaining blue hoses to their respective locations on the fuel pump. The lines are tight and this can be tricky - we find it easiest to install the bottom line first, following by the top line. Tighten down all hose clamps.

• Line up the holes and install the (2) retaining bolts that secure the fuel filter housing to the engine block and tighten snug with a 10 mm socket.

fuel bowl reinstalled

• Slide the fuel tank return line hose (small black hose) onto the FPR nipple and tighten both hose clamps.

• Reinstall both fuel return lines (threaded lines) at front of the fuel filter housing.

• Make sure the fuel filter drain valve/water separator drain valve is closed. Install a new fuel filter and gasket (coat gasket in clean engine oil before installation).

• Fill the filter housing with clean diesel before starting engine - this will reduce the amount of cranking required to start the engine. Start engine and thoroughly check for fuel leaks.