Ford 10R80, GM 10L80 10 Speed Transmission

10R80, 10L80 10 Speed Automatic Transmission Specs

The 10R80/10L80 10 speed automatic transmission is the result of a collaboration between Ford Motor Company and General Motors. Ford refers to the transmission as the "10R80", while GM has designated it the Hydra-Matic 10L80 (Hydra-Matic being GM's long running trademark). Looking at the big picture, the GM and Ford versions of the transmissions are physically identical; the primary differences between the two variants lies in the electronic controls, which are closely integrated with each manufacturer's respective powertrain options.

Though the 10R80/10L80 is the result of collaboration between GM and Ford, which included the 10 speed transmission as well as a transverse (front wheel drive applications) 9 speed transmission, Ford led the design of the 10R80 (and owns all related patents) while GM was the dominant contributor to the 9 speed transmission. The agreement between the two competing companies allowed Ford to use GM's 9 speed automatic transmission and GM to use Ford's 10 speed automatic transmission. The 10R80 and 10L80 use the same hard parts and hardware, but feature unique electronics that are integrated into the company's respective powertrain options. This is not the first, and likely not the last drivetrain component collaboration between General Motors and Ford Motor Company.

Physically, the 10R80 and 10L80 transmissions are of equal size and weight (nominally) of a 6 speed automatic transmission. The 10R80/10L80 boasts extremely quick shifts, ousting the dual clutch transmission found in the Porsche PDK by a wide margin (26% to 36% quicker up-shifts in gears 1 through 4). GM first used the 10L80 in the 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, which features a 650 horsepower, supercharged V-8 that propels the sports car from 0 to 60 in a mere 3.5 seconds. Ford first installed the transmission in its second generation, EcoBoost Ford Raptor. For 2018, GM introduced the 10L80 to a variety of applications. Likewise, the 10R80 is standard on all Ford F-150 models with the 2.7L EcoBoost, 3.5L EcoBoost, and 5.0L Modular V-8. The 10R80 is also featured behind the 3.0L Power Stroke V-6 in F-150 models. Ford uses integrated start-stop technology, made possible in part by the transmission's electric fluid pump, to maximize fuel economy.

Small gear steps and sophisticated shift strategies are what make the 10 speed transmission an attractive option. A deep 4.70 to 1 reduction in 1st gear contributes to increased off-idle performance and compensates for taller (numerically smaller), more efficient ring and pinion combinations. Furthermore, the transmission features three separate overdrive ratios to choose from, maximizing fuel economy while cruising in both highway and city driving conditions. To increase efficiency and reduce parasitic losses, the transmission relies on "ultra-thin" automatic transmission fluid (ATF).

Ford 10R80/GM 10L80 Transmission Ratios












4.70 : 1

2.99 : 1

2.15 : 1

1.80 : 1

1.52 : 1

1.28 : 1

1.00 : 1

0.85 : 1

0.69 : 1

0.64 : 1

4.87 : 1

*Note - GM and Ford report slightly different gear ratios as a result of preferences in rounding

Ford 10R80/GM 10L80 Transmission Specs


Ford 10R80, General Motors Hydra-Matic 10L80


10 speed automatic

Production Plant:

Ford 10R80

Ford Livonia Transmission Plant, Livonia, Michigan

GM 10L80

Romulus Powertrain, Romulus, Michigan

Model Years/Applications:

2017 - current, various applications

Case Material:


Max Input Torque:

~ 800 N-m (~590 lb-ft), nominal rating


~ 230 lbs

ATF Type/Spec:

Motorcraft ULV ATF (Ford applications), DEXRON ULV ATF (GM applications)

Transmission Fluid Spec (ATF):

~ 13 U.S. qts

Normal ATF Temperature:

206° F to 215° F (96° C to 101° C)

Transmission Filter P/N:

Motorcraft FT-202 (GM p/n not available at time of publishing)

Service Intervals:

150,000 miles under normal conditions
45,000 miles under "severe" service conditions
(replace transmission fluid and filter)


• Adaptive strategy perpetually adjusts shifts schedule in anticipation of driver's manners and driving conditions
• 1 piece transmission case with integrated bellhousing
• Variable displacement vane transmission fluid pump
• 260 mm torque converter
• 10 forward speeds, 3 overdrive ratios
• Rear wheel drive applications only