Ford 6R140 TorqShift

6R140 TorqShift Transmission Specs & Ratios

The 6R140 was Ford's "clean sheet" transmission design that replaced the 5R110W in Ford's diesel powered Super Duty. Made in the USA, the 6R140 is loaded with heavy duty features, including a high capacity filtration system, "Live Drive" power take off, low speed torque converter lockup, double overdrive speeds, and a rigid 1 piece case. Using the SelectShift manual shift mode, users can place the truck into "M" and manually shift the transmission through all 6 gears via "+" and "-" buttons mounted on the shift lever, particularly useful in poor weather, high load driving conditions. With low speed TC lockup, a driver is able to lug the 6.7L Power Stroke down to 900 rpm.

The 6R140 is standard behind Ford's 6.7L Power Stroke turbodiesel and the only available transmission - a manual transmission option has never been offered with this engine. The transmission features a patented dual media transmission filter that allows for relatively long service intervals. The gear spread provides a favorably low 1st gear to maximize available torque at low speeds and a relatively high overdrive ratio to minimize engine rpm for greater fuel economy at cruising speeds.

6R140 TorqShift Ratios








3.974 : 1

2.318 : 1

1.516 : 1

1.149 : 1

0.858 : 1

0.674 : 1

3.12 : 1

6R140 TorqShift Specs


Ford 6R140 TorqShift


6 speed automatic double overdrive transmission

Production Plant:

Ford Motor Company Sharonville Transmission Plant, Sharonville, Ohio


Ford 5R110W TorqShift

Model Years/Applications:

2011 - Present (6.7L Power Stroke)

Case Material:


Max Input Torque:

1,400 lb-ft*


~ 325 lbs w/out fluid, ~350 lbs w/ fluid

ATF Type/Spec:

MERCON LV automatic transmission fluid

Transmission Filter P/N:

Motorcraft FT187

Service Intervals:

Replace transmission fluid and filter every 150,000 miles


• Manual shift mode
• Low speed torque converter lockup
• High capacity dual media filtration system facilitates lengthy service intervals
• Optional live PTO grants both mobile and stationary PTO operation
• Sinter brazed Ravigneaux planetary gearsets

*The 6R140 features a max transmission input of 1,400 lb-ft, accounting for torque multiplication through the torque converter; the transmission is not rated for a maximum 1,400 lb-ft engine torque.