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5R110W TorqShift solenoids

5R110W TorqShift Shift Solenoid Replacement

Step-by-step guide to replacing an electronic shift solenoid in the 5R110W TorqShift transmission found in diesel equipped Ford Super Duty pickups from 2003 to 2010.

Cummins turbodiesel

Cummins Service Schedule

OEM maintenance intervals for 6BT (5.9L 12v), 5.9L ISB, and 6.7L Cummins turbodiesels, including intervals for oil changes, drivetrain service, and fuel system service.

Power Stroke diesel

Power Stroke Service Schedule

OEM maintenance intervals for all Power Stroke diesels - 7.3L, 6.0L, 6.4L, and 6.7L engines. Includes oil change, fuel system, and drivetrain service intervals.

Duramax diesel

Duramax Service Schedule

OEM maintenance intervals for all generations of the 6.6L Duramax diesel, found in 2001 to current GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado HD pickups.

6.5 GM diesel

6.5L GM Diesel Service Schedule

OEM maintenance intervals and service procedures for 1992 to 2000 model year GMC/Chevrolet trucks equipped with the 6.5L GM diesel in addition to part numbers for common service items.


5R110W transmission service

5R110W TorqShift Transmission Service

Do-it-yourself transmission service for the 5R110W TorqShift automatic transmission, which includes draining the transmission fluid, dropping the transmission pan, and replacing both the in-pan and auxiliary transmission filters.

7.3L Power Stroke glow plug

How to Replace Glow Plugs in the 7.3L Power Stroke

Step-by-step guide to replacing the glow plugs on a 7.3L Power Stroke diesel.

NV4500 transmission fluid draining

New Venture NV4500 Manual Transmission Fluid Replacement

How to service the NV4500 transmission found in many diesel powered GMC/Chevrolet and Dodge trucks, in addition to important information regarding the transmission's highly specific fluid specifications.

6.9L, 7.3L IDI oil cooler disassembled

Step-by-Step Oil Cooler Removal & Rebuild Procedures for the 6.9L and 7.3L IDI Diesels

How to remove and repair a leaking oil cooler on the 7.3L and 6.9L IDI diesel.

6.5L GM diesel fuel lift pump

6.5L GM Diesel Lift Pump Diagnostic & Replacement Procedures

Guide to troubleshooting fuel system related problems in a 6.5L GM diesel and replace the lift pump if it turns out to be the culprit.


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